Once Upon A Time returns

March 13, 2014 5:00 pm0 commentsViews: 1

Previously, Once Upon A Time left us with a bittersweet mid-season finale. The curse that had shrouded the town of Storybrooke has been retracted by the help of the evil Queen Regina, who has begun to mend her ways. However, with the removal of the curse came unfortunate consequences: the characters of Storybrooke must return home to the Enchanted Forest while Emma and Henry remain with no memories of Storybrooke.  At the end of the midseason finale, we are left with a wonderful scene of Emma and Henry in New York City, continuing their merry life together as a family, unaware of their erased past, until Hook knocks on their door and reminds Emma of her fantasy life with a kiss on the lips.

Emma has a new boyfriend (who she has been dating for eight months), which Hook rudely interrupts. Although initially, it seemed that it would take much longer foor Hook to remind Emma of her past as the Savior of Storybrooke, time is catalyzed to jog Emma’s memory with the help of a magical purple potion. In a few minutes of the episode, Emma’s fantasy life topples down in front of her as her boyfriend turns out to be a flying monkey and her family in grave danger. Everything appears to be moving almost too fast but it is thrilling to watch the vents unfurl throughout the episode.

We see the Storybrooke characters return to the Enchanted Forest. Snow White, her dwarves, her Prince Charming and even Regina tread on to find and reclaim the castle. It seems too good to be true to see Regina and Snow White working side by side. Although they keep Regina’s “evil” and sassy personality alive throughout the journey, I almost miss Regina plottinh against Snow White. Even Robin Hood and his people agree how strange it is! We do, however, see a weak point in the episode when Regina attempts to bury her heart in the middle of the woods (not very sanitary) in order to avoid the pain of missing Henry forever. With the help of Snow White and her hope in happiness, Regina is persuaded to keep her heart in her chest.

Robin Hood is also reintroduced in the episode. In the episode, “Quite A Common Fairy,” Regina attempts to find true love through Tinker Bell, and the man with lion tattoo, Robin Hood! We see the point being subtly reiterated as Snow White asks Regina what she thinks of Robin Hood. Is there a possibility for budding love between the Evil Queen and Robin Hood?

Emma and Henry have traded places now. Henry is now without any memories of Storybrooke while Emma is filled with memories of her present and her past, filled in by the magical potion. We see a new side to Emma’s character as she seems to have become accustomed to being a mother to Henry, while at the same time keeping true to her bold, trust-no-one personality. Yet, the question is how she will keep Henry in the dark. She has made Henry believe that they are on a trip for a case she is handling for Hook. Now that she has arrived in Storybrooke, which has been mysteriously replaced and the curse recast, how will she keep Henry’s past memories veiled?

Let us put those questions aside and hope for happiness, as Snow White often says. At last, Emma has been reunited with her mother and father. However, the episode gives us almost no time to be happy in the moment as they reveal Snow White’s  pregnancy!

Like the mid-season finale, the episode was almost bitter sweet with lots of thrilling and shocking revelations. It only makes us hungry for more, especially since the upcoming episode will introduce a new villain, the one and only Wicked Witch of Oz.